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I help Christian women, like you, fast-track their online business growth, impact, and income. 




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I'm Kelly.

I'm a teacher, an Air Force veteran, & a mom to three. 

I'm passionate about helping other moms find beauty in the valleys and peaks of building an online business.  You and I both know there's a lot that goes into doin' this the right way. I believe that if a busy mom like you is willing to spend her spare time making her dreams come true,she should have all the tools and resources she needs to do it.

Lemme give it to ya straight.

I help moms sell what they love.

Do you hear that?  The mountains are calling.  Lets get to the top!


Step 1: Build it Right

How do you merge your faith with your business?  This FREE guide will walk you through the process of building the right foundation.

Step 2: Join the Group

Join the TOP FREE community for Christian Women Entrepreneurs where you'll find the tips, strategies, and support you need to take your business to the next level.

Step 3: Courses

Ready to get serious about climbing this mountain?  Click here to explore my signature course.

The Brand Voice Guide

It's a noisy world. You know what you have to offer can help a lot of people, but can they even hear you?  Launching a business can be a lot like trying to stand on a mountaintop yelling over an avalanche.  Download this free guide to help you craft a brand voice that can be heard loudly, clearly, and consistently!

The Faith-Based Business Launch Guide

Don't be a chameleon.  As a Christian, the last thing you want to do is blend into the marketplace! You want your brand to STAND OUT! This guide will help you shine a light on all the right areas of your faith-based business so you can say "no thanks" to sacrificing your morals for a buck & "yes, please" to makin' poppa proud! Print this sucker out, get your creative juices flowin' & launch a biz worthy of an AMEN!

The Business Planner

Don't leave without grabbing my online business planner!  It's 40 pages of FREE organizational goodness & is exactly what I used to start earning a profit from my online business!


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