8 Proven Ways to Get More Clients and Scale Your Business

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"Kelly, how do I get more clients?"  

It is, by far, one of the most asked questions I get by brand new business owners and online coaches.  

It can be frustrating, especially if you're brand new to the web-o-sphere and you're not seeing the results you're looking for.  Yikes!  I've been there before too!  Remember, we all start from the beginning.

Let's dive in!

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#1 How to Get More Clients - Guest Posting

#1 - Guest Posting

Susie Moore : Author, Entrepreneur, and Life Coach has grown her audience by thousands through contributing to online publications.  By getting laser targeted on who your niche is, you can find publications and even bloggers who are constantly seeking people who can contribute to their vision.  

"But, my business is brand new!" " Who would want to listen to me?"  "What if I don't have a huge following or even a website!" " Should I wait until my blog is more established?"

The answer to all of the above, is "It doesn't matter!"  If you have a pulse and an idea, you can guest post!  You don't have to be an expert!  You can take one topic and write about it in 1,000 different ways.  Writing about confidence, for example, can be subdivided into even smaller niches such as confidence in relationships, saying "no", being visible, getting what you want, navigating professional relationships, etc. 

Whether it's related to your content or you just have something personal to write about, all of it is valuable!  Do your research, find some publications that relate to your business, find some bloggers that are accepting contributors and get writing!  It's such a valuable avenue for finding your next clients.

If you're a human being who knows that another human being can benefit from something that you know, this is for you.  No exceptions.

The cool thing is, some of them even pay you for your contribution!  So get pitching, get writing, and get your name out there!

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#2 How to Get More Clients - Pinterest

Pinterest is my favorite platform because it's simple to use, requires little effort, and produces massive results!  

I talk a lot about Pinterest in my Facebook group because it's such a valuable platform.  It's important that your Pinterest profile is set up in a way that attracts your ideal client.  By creating boards that relate to topics your potential client would be interested in, you're more likely to attract them.  It's also important that your blog content align with the pins and boards found on your Pinterest profile.  When Suzy Client comes knocking on your door, she's going to find a TON of value in your site, which is exactly what you're looking for.

For example, my profile, Kelly Compton, consists of boards that cover everything from Entrepreneurial Quotes to Branding and Social Media strategy.  

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#3 How to Get More Clients - Facebook Group

There is so much value in a Facebook group!  Whether you're a member in one or you're running one, you're right there, hanging out with your ideal client.  By fostering a community, you become known as an expert and you build the Know-Like-Trust factor.  Your ideal client gets to know you, they like you and what you have to offer, and they learn to trust you.  

We're all looking to make a difference in the lives of others.  What a valuable way to do that and an awesome opportunity to meet some amazing people in the process.

Have you joined the Solopreneur VIP Club yet?  

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#4 How to Get More Clients - Testimonials

People want to know that you have helped others become successful too.  By collecting testimonials from those you have served, you can reassure your potential client that what you have is valuable.  

If you haven't been collecting them, ask for them now!

Hey, Tootie Frooty,

Thank you for agreeing to compose a testimonial of our work together.  Please answer the following questions and I will use them to formulate your testimonial:

1.  What three things did you struggle with before working with me?

2.  How did working with me, help you overcome these challenges?

3.  What were your results from working with me?

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and for the endorsement for my mentorship.  I appreciate your time! 


Boss Lady

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#5 How to Get More Clients - Free Opt-in

What is an opt-in?  It's an irresistible offer that your audience signs up for in exchange for providing their e-mail address.  

What are some examples of opt-ins?  

  • A video series
  • A workbook
  • Quiz
  • Printable
  • Webinar
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Audio Series
  • E-mail Challenge
  • Toolkit
  • Guide

What is the making of a juicy opt-in?

An opt-in should showcase your strengths, be easy to digest and understand, decrease their pain or increase their pleasure, be authentic, get them results, and be aesthetically pleasing.

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#6  How to Get More Clients - Webinar

A webinar is a valuable tool.  In less than 60 minutes, you can provide value, solve a problem they may have, and authentically offer your product or service and make sales!  The key is to provide value.

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#7  How to Get More Clients - E-Mails

E-mail is so valuable!  The fact is, social media is ever-changing and you rely on those platforms to hold a space for your tribe.  It's important never to put all your eggs in one basket.  We never really know what is going to change with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  But, e-mail belongs to YOU and nobody is in control of that but you.  Around 2% of your e-mail list will buy from you.  What does that mean?  Well, the bigger your e-mail list, the more of a chance you have of making a sale!  

It's also such a valuable space for building a relationship and to build that know-like-trust factor with the people who have entrusted you with their personal inbox space.  

That's why a juicy, irresistible offer is important (see #5).  This offer provides value and gives people a taste of what they can expect from you.  

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#8 How to Get More Clients - Podcasts

There are so many podcasts out there and it can hold so much value for you.  How?

  • Increases your exposure
  • Not everyone enjoys reading (blog posts), so it reaches a different audience
  • Allows people the opportunity to get to know you on a different level
  • A bigger audience means more of an opportunity to provide your amazing product or service!

More people are turning to podcasts for entertainment. Many of them are easy to digest and stuffed full of great ideas.  They can be played in the car, while you're waiting at your daughter's dance class, or while you're cooking dinner.  

The host may even mention your product or service which is just more exposure for what you do.

The best thing is that there isn't a lot of effort required on your part.  You show up and the host does the majority of the work!

There you have it!  8 proven ways to get more clients and scale your business.  So get moving!  What are you waiting for?  :)


Need help figuring out WHO your audience is?  Check out this post on 6 Essential Steps to Creating an Avatar that Sells and download this FREE avatar guide.  Get clear so you can near and start making an impact in the lives of the people who need you.

Also, don't forget to join the Facebook group!  It's rocking and rolling and full of motivated new business owners or aspiring business owners just like you!  


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Kelly Compton