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Choosing a Profitable Faith Based Business Idea

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So you want to start an online faith-based business, huh?  I know you're thinking, "But where do I even begin?What are some faith based business ideas?  Does a faith based business actually have to sell Christian related products?

There's somethin' about standin' on a mountain top that puts life into perspective and it was on the top of a mountain that I had an epiphany - "Who says God can't do something big through me?"  I was sick and tired of trying to be what people said I had to be.  

Do you ever feel that way?  I believe we try to fit God into the box we've designed instead of allowing Him to do supernatural things through us!  We choose to be accepted by people instead of surrendering our WHOLE lives over to Him.  Well, God doesn't belong in a box and neither do we!  

So I dove headfirst into online business, but I ran smack dab into my first problem: What kind of business was I going to start?  Even more important: What does the Lord want me to do (this is really all for Him, right?)

So lets dive into this because I know God is nudging you in the same way - to allow Him to do something way bigger through you than you can imagine.

The Journey to Choosing a Profitable Faith Based Online Business Idea


I never want to give you the "worldly" view of business because we're not called to live by the world's standards.  We've got God standards!  

So FIRST and always first, we have to consult the Lord - our CEO.

One of the most common questions I get asked, is "Can online business be a calling?"  And I'm here to shout from the rooftops that YES, of COURSE online business can be a calling!  It's a calling that's just as important as being a preacher, a missionary, a doctor, or a teacher.   

God placed you in this time for a reason.  I don't care how "icky" people make the online world seem!  It needs LIGHT! 

We're called to be a light and that doesn't mean we're going into bright places.  That means we're going into dark places!

I believe our website can be our pulpit and the people we serve can be our congregation.  What truths are we going to speak into our readers' lives?

The following are my Fab 5 steps for choosing a faith based business idea.  Ready, set, go!

1.  C.E.O - Consult - Expect - Obey

 Have you ever jumped into somethin' without talkin' to the Lord about it? 

(Don't make me give you my mom stink eye.  We all have!)

For me, it came in the form of a man.  Yeah...he seemed suave, polite, disciplined, family oriented...ya know, all those things you crafted carefully in your mind over the years.  Of course, I had hit the jackpot.  So, why wouldn't I jump in with both feet?  Who needs to consult the Lord when you've obviously encountered perfection on your own?!

But perfection quickly turned into neglect and you think my 22 year-old self would have recognized red flags and ran the other direction, but I didn't and I spent almost 10 years living in darkness.


Bad things can happen when we choose to go it alone. There is verse after verse after verse in the Bible where people "inquired" of the Lord.

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3

This is a promise!  He tells us to bring it all to Him and he'll show us things - things that may even look abnormal to others - things that may be beyond the grasp of human knowledge.  That's pretty mind-blowing....

So you have to look at God's promises as SOLID - not like those people in your life who haven't been faithful to theirs.  God is incapable of breaking his promises.  So bring your concerns to Him.  

Once you consult him, EXPECT an answer!  He tells you he'll "show" you.  

Then, obey Him.  Do what he shows you, even if you don't have all the answers.

2.  Conduct Research

 Even though the Lord calls us to bring our concerns to Him, that doesn't mean He expects us to sit still and "hope for the best".  I do think there are time when we should physically sit still, but I also believe being still means that we move forward with the confidence to know that He's going to guide us.  That stillness (choosing not to have anxiety, not to worry, not to be frustrated) comes with FAITH.  

The next step is to really knowing who you are and how your life experiences have shaped you. So the following are some questions you can answer about yourself to bring some clarity surrounding your faith based business idea:

Faith Based Business Starter Questions

Question 1: What lights you up?

Question 2:  What breaks your heart?

Question 3:  What could talk about with a friend and never get tired of?

Question 4:  What gifts has the Lord given you?

Question 5: What experience do you have?

Question 6: What is an area you feel people need support in?

Question 7:  What is something that comes up over and over again that people tell you you're good at?

3.  Brainstorm

For step 3, you'll want to make a list of possible business ideas.  There's a word thrown around in the online space called "niche".  It basically means: "A highly targeted group of people with a specific need".  

If you feel you're being called to help moms become less overwhelmed with the demands of life - that's a great niche, but even better, if you can choose what group of moms.  Are they stay at home moms, moms who work a 9-5 and then come home to their second job, Filipino women who have come over to the United States and need help assimilating? 

I know you might be thinking..."Um, Kelly - isn't it better to reach a larger audience because you'll sell more?"  No, I think the more targeted you become, the better able you are to sell because you're able to write your copy in a way that speaks directly to that specific audience- and that, my friend, is golden!


Now, don't misunderstand me, if there are only 100 Filipino women in the United States who are trying to assimilate, that wouldn't be a good niche. 

Make a list of as many ideas as you can think of - then narrow it down to your top 3-5 ideas.

4.  Validation

Before going all in on a faith based business idea, you need to make sure it's something people want.  

Just because you think aardvarks are cute and deserve a place on kitchen utensils around America, doesn't mean other people will feel the same way.  It's important to get some conversations going.

So once you've brainstormed and made a list of your top 3-5 business ideas, start asking people what they think!  Go into Facebook groups, ask your family, ask friends, ask people standing behind you in the Target check out line!

Why?  This is a great way to find out if it's something people want, need, or have any interest in.  It also helps you fine tune your idea because as you share it, people will add on ideas that tweak your idea into something even better!  

Just don't get offended, okay?  We live enough of our lives offended.  Some people might think your idea STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!  That's OKAY!!  Write their comments down!  Even criticism or constructive criticism is super valuable!

5.  Test the Waters

I always recommend people TEST the waters before diving into creating a website.  So before website creation, come up with a freebie for people that is related to the top business idea on your list - this should be something super valuable, easily digestible & quick to take action on. Here are some examples of freebies you can create:

  • Cheatsheet
  • Video
  • Checklist
  • Guide
  • Template
  • Tutorial
  • Recipe
  • Graphics

This should be linked to some type of email marketing platform such as Convertkit.  This will help you track the people interested and give you an idea of how it's converting.

Now, please do not get discouraged.  It takes time to see results!  If you have a difficult time getting people to sign up, you can offer it for free in exchange for feedback that can help you tweak it to make it even better.


In addition to some steps, I want to make you aware of some myths so you don't get discouraged through this process:

Myth #1 - You should never change your business idea once you start.  

People tweak their business ideas all the time.  Sometimes it's necessary for the survival of their business - something that puts food on the table for their family.  

You may even discover that you don't enjoy what you thought you would!  

Myth #2 - A faith based online business should sell Christian related products.

This isn't necessary at all!  The best example we can be of Christ's love, is to SHOW it, not WRITE it or SPEAK it.  It's going to come out in the way you handle your customers, how you respond to criticism, the experience you take your customers on through your brand, how you present yourself in photos, the quality of the product you put out.

If you want to learn more about how to create a faith based business with integrity, download my FREE guide: The Faith Based Business Launch Guide.  This guide will walk you through all the different areas of your brand that you should think about as a faith based business owner.  While nobody can tell you what is right for your business, it can help guide you in making the best decisions moving forward.

Ready to do this?  I can't wait to see what you come up with!  It literally gets me as excited as eating chocolate frosted brownies around a campfire so share it in the group!!  Not sure what "the group" is?  What are you waitin' for!?  Hop on over!  Faith in Business - Christian Women Entrepreneur Community.


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