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In 2015, I published my very first blog post.  I had just gone through the darkest time of my life as my husband decided to part ways with me to be with his new pregnant girlfriend.  Devastated after having just quit my full-time job to stay at home with our own baby, I thought it would be healing for me to write about how I was feeling.  I knew people were earning money from their websites, but I wasn't quite sure how.  Pressing publish on that first blog post was scary.  I had never been so vocal about my journey and now it was being sent out for the world to see.

I dug in deeper and began reading everything I could get my hands on about starting, scaling, and running a successful online business.  Then, within just about 4 months of starting my blog, I made my first $200.  

Thank goodness I pressed "publish".



Through blogging and online businesses, I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing women who have and continue to inspire me daily.  Through my own online business, I have been able to put all my years of hard work to good use without the stresses of a regular 9-5.  

Blogging changed my life.


I have spoken with many people who ask, "How can I turn my passion into an online business?"  Some of them have been treating their idea like a hobby and are ready to take the next step.  Others are trading time for money by trying to figure it all out on their own and they're not seeing results.  

I get it!  It can be so frustrating to feel like everyone else around you got the memo and left you out. You might be thinking, "What am I missing?"  

I wished I had a complete step-by-step manual to help get me through the stages of launching my business.  Instead, I spent countless hours trying to figure it all out on my own.  As much time and effort as I put into my search, I just wasn't finding a complete guide.  It seemed like everyone had pieces, but nobody offered an effective and comprehensive solution.  

After several years of building and scaling an online business, I decided to create the solution myself and that is how Founded on the Rock was born.

You don't have to figure this out on your own.

My goal through creating my course, Founded on the Rock, is to give you easy-to-digest videos that you can watch or listen to in the car, that can quickly and efficiently get you to the place where you are earning extra income or even completely replacing your current income.

Through my experience, my own trial and error, and my investments in business coaches and mentors, I have pulled together the most effective strategies that will help you create the framework to scale your business.  

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