Are You Ready to Take the Incline?

Is God concerned about social media?

If I knew everyone would hear me, I'd shout from the top of a mountain and say "Yes!!!"  

It's time for Christians to be BOLDER & more STRATEGIC on social media!

The Lord tells us to be a LIGHT.  Lights can only be seen if they're used in the dark!

In a world where we're constantly plugged in to our handheld devices, there needs to be light, there needs to be truth, & there needs to be love.  That means we have to go into places that may make us feel uncomfortable.

Doing that, doesn't mean we're conforming to the patterns of the world (as long as what we're doing is biblical, lines up with God's will and character, is loving, and done for His glory) it means we're using our gifts to give people hope and show them where true freedom comes from. 

The clock is ticking on humanity - there's no time to lose.  We can be a light on social media without compromising on our integrity, our values, or our family time.

This isn't for everyone.  This is for those of you who have been called into Entrepreneurship and want to use your online business to glorify the Lord.

I'm Ready

In this course, you'll....

  • Uncover any fears you have about using Instagram
  • Learn how to set goals you can actually reach
  • How to get hyper focused on defining your audience
  • Use your Instagram bio section effectively and efficiently
  • Define your brand voice
  • Fine tune your brand
  • Learn how to use highlights and stories to spread light
  • Join the hashtag #fightforlight mission
  • Learn how to use hashtags effectively for your business
  • Find how how to increase engagement on Instagram
  • Find out how to never run out of Instagram content
  • Useful tools to make using the platform easier

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